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the place where you can find hight quality anime, manga, game related desktop wallpapers, vectors and art.


Desktop wallpapers

Do You want to style your screen with your favourite characters from anime or games? This is the right place. Here you can find high quality wallpapers that comes in all 4 screen types: wide 16:10, full HD 16:9, standard 4:3 and square 5:4. Not sure which one do you have? check this page. Hope you will find several wallpapers to refresh your work space.


Vector images

Vector is an infinitely scalable image created using paths and shapes. Here you can find images that were traced in a vector graphic programs and saved as a raster images, but in very high resolution with transparent background for you to use in creating your own wallpapers, or in any creative way. Check the vector section, and hopefully you will find something that fits your needs.


Various arts

Anything that was not labeled as wallpaper or vector will come in this section. In most cases this will be my personal artworks that I will share with you. I do both the traditional drawings and the digital ones, but the overwhelming majority is traditional art done with pens, pencils and paint. And yes, most of it is anime, manga and games based :)

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Not Mafia
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Part of Me

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Karafuru Sekai Designs V6

Welcome to the Karafuru Sekai Designs Version 6. This time Karafuru is being re-designed using Materialize framework.

Karafuru Sekai Designs V5

Welcome to the Karafuru Sekai Designs Version 5.

  • New style (Embrace the blocks).
  • Responsive design (Thanks to Bootstrap).
  • Heavy gallery (Image previews aren't small as before).

Wallpaper and Vector sections are updated, some of old items have got minor changes. Fan-Art section is empty for a while. There are still wallpapers in process, so new content will come out. Not as frequent as before, but still, I AM NOT DEAD! Cleaned up broken link exchanges. If you would like to link/exchange with Karafuru Sekai check out this page.

Finally new layout is finished. Some pages need to be polished, but overall it's finished. Main content section - Gallery - is fully functional. So, that's it! Welcome to updated KS-Designs - Karafuru Sekai (Colorful World) Designs Version 4!

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