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Welcome to the Karafuru Sekai Designs Version 5.

  • New style (Embrace the blocks).
  • Responsive design (Thanks to Bootstrap).
  • Heavy gallery (Image previews aren't small as before).

Wallpaper and Vector sections are updated, some of old items have got minor changes. Fan-Art section is empty for a while.

There are still wallpapers in process, so new content will come out. Not as frequent as before, but still, I AM NOT DEAD!

Cleaned up broken link exchanges. If you would like to link/exchange with Karafuru Sekai check out this page.

KS-DESIGNS V.4 16.09.2013

Finally new layout is finished. Some pages need to be polished, but overall it's finished. Main content section - Gallery - is fully functional. So, that's it! Welcome to updated KS-Designs - Karafuru Sekai (Colorful World) Designs Version 4!

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