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What does website name mean?

カラフル 世界 in romaji is written as karafuru sekai, and is translated as colorful world. The revelations!

Admin x Author

My name is Mykola Shevchuk, born in 1991, Ukraine. Back in the time I was known as Yamaro in anime-wallpaper community.


Long time ago I was only searching nice pictures for my desktop. When suddenly I find myself trying to make one. My first crappy attempts are lost in time, though some of them you can find at theOtaku. Back then, I was posting my wallpapers in facebook-like website and at theOtaku, when my friend recommend me to post it on Animepaper. And... I did so... and my wallpaper was rejected for number of reasons. That is where everything have begun. Revising, self-improving and studying. Step by step I was discovering new technics, styles, getting inspiration from awesome artists at Animepaper/Minitokyo and sharing my works with people there.