cropScreen ratios

Wide (16:10) Full HD (16:9) Standard (4:3) Square (5:4)
2560x1600 2560x1440 2560x1920 2560x2048
2048x1280 2048x1152 2048x1536 1920x1536
1920x1200 1920x1080 1920x1440 1600x1280
1680x1050 1600x900 1600x1200 1440x1152
1440x900 1440x810 1440x1080 1400x1120
1280x800 1366x768 1400x1050 1280x1024
1152x720 1280x720 1280x960 1152x922
1024x640 1024x576 1152x864 1024x819
960x600 960x540 1024x768 960x768
768x480 856x480 960x720 900x720
640x400 640x360 800x600 800x640

Marked green are the most common display resolutions for desktop wallpapers that are posted on What is my resolution?