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are free for personal use as desktop wallpapers only. Extended terms are written below.


are free to create your own graphics (wallpapers, layouts, avatars, signatures, etc.) as long as you credit Karafuru Sekai, Yamaro or any collaborator involved.


are free here to admire or criticize.



Redistribution (i.e. re-uploading or posting in other galleries/image stock websites/etc.) any of the gallery items (wallpapers, vectors, arts) without permission is forbidden.

Exception: Highlighting

Re-uploading any item from Karafuru Sekai for highlighting on your website, or using it in tutorial article, blog post, etc. is allowed. Of course, you must ask for permission. If you got permission to re-post any item from gallery, you should provide a link back to the http://ks-designs.at.ua or mention the author of the item (either Karafuru Sekai or Yamaro, plus any collaborators if they were involved).

Private Sharing

As long, as you are not re-uploading any gallery items in public. You can share with your friends via skype, email, or any other service, which provides private sharing.

Social Sharing

Sharing via Social links is not re-uploading, since link will lead to the original work. Feel free to use build in social links on Karafuru Sekai to share with your friends.

editUsage & Editing


1. Do not modify or make graphics out of wallpapers and fan-arts (i.e. making avatars/signatures/layouts/etc).
2. Using any of the gallery items in any commercial merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, mouse pads, cups, posters, etc.) for your own profit is strictly forbidden!
3. Removing author signature/credit from wallpapers and fan-arts is strictly forbidden. There are exceptions.

Exception: Present

If you find any of the items in gallery worth to be a present for your friends, family, second half, as merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, mouse pads, cups, posters, etc.), you are allowed to use it. You can modify it to fit your needs. Additionally you can ask for signature-less version, or bigger version, which sometimes are available.


Vectors are exceptions since you can use them to create your own graphics (wallpapers, layouts, avatars, signatures, etc.) as long as you credit Karafuru Sekai and use it in non-commercial projects. You can modify/edit vectors to match what you need.