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Happy birthday, Sanyadude! Here is your late-late-late present! (sorry!)

Completed 12 Aug 2010 / Elapsed time: 1 month

It's my 100th wappaper at minitokyo! Finally after 1 month of hard work, this wallpaper is finally finished. I've already heard my friend's opinion. In June my friend has requested me to make crossover wallpaper as for his birthday present and gave me list with 24 characters. And my task was to surprise him with something cool. But I have no idea how the hell I'll put all of them in one picture, so for some time I was just thinking of some scene or abstract background. But such easy idea as beach theme came to me later when I realized that it is summer outside. But it was just half way before creating THIS. When I started to search for characters and poses I had some troubles. Some of them didn't have beach themes scans, so I mixed different scans to create poses what I need.

Here are my notes (journal). It's like my work diary.

Day 01: I found 1/3 scans with beach theme and with characters I need. Some of characters had more than one scan (C.C. and Yoko have many), but there weren't good poses to fit the wallpaper. Damn, I thought it will be easier to put all them into wallpaper, but it is SO hard… and till this time it's near half of girls.

The one thing I really hate that till now Photoshop crushed 3 times because of copying lot of big scans in buffer. When it happened first time, I didn't save it recently… and lost 6 girls done. After that I am saving really often… Time passed… 13 girls, I think, won't be moved somewhere else, except Junko, I don't really can find other picture of her.

Day 02: Added Nino and Winry. It was really hard to put Winry … There was 4 beach scans with her, but nothing good. But somehow I pick up this and find some place for it.

Day 03: Moved Tsubaki. Added Nagisa. And erase scans' parts. Erasing took some time.

Day 04: Added Horo instead of Nino, after that choose another Nino scan… but there isn't Nino in bikini. New Nino scan added instead of Tsubaki, so moved her back where she was. Added Yamada after the Yoko. And continue cleaning scan trash.

Day 05: There was Mikuru near Haruhi, Konata and Rukia… there is empty scape… later I added Misa-Misa, 'cause couldn't find any Misa in bikini and yet they looks great together… characters which seyu is Aya Hirano. Still it is the Day 5 of my ultimate birthday wallpaper present for my friend. PC is turned off, there is hell outside so I don't want my pc to burnout. And what should I do? I drew a sketch of Misa to look how she'd fit the empty face. It looks good enough.

Day 06: Finally continue working. Added Inami, redraw her clothes, made her more naked XD Moved Junko. Added Yurippe (there is no scan with Yuri in bikini >< so I mixed Haruhi's scan with her face, they looks a bit similar), added another Nino screenshot, and at the last, almost forgot about her, Chika Ogiue, mix her with Nino screenshot in the same swimsuit. Because there wasn't any free space, I moved Tsubaki, Winry and Canaan. Also I changed Nagisa, before it she was in dress, I mix her face with Mugi's body. Now they're all together, so I think I can start outlining.

Day 07-08: OUTLINING.

Day 09: Character outlines are finished. Now it is time to fix all lines.

Day 10: Still fixing lines, colored some characters with simple colors.

Day 11: Almost all characters filled with main colors. Added flowers in the front.

Day 12-28: These days was monotonous painting and now all characters are finished, it's time for BG. Made some sketch for bg.

Day 29: BG Sketch+Scans is finished. It's time for vector/painting it!

Day 30: Finally, after 1 month, it's finally finished.

Used scans/screentshots. Also list of ALL CHARACTER in this wallpaper. Click to check it (~6Mb)

Step 1 - Creating Multi-scan - Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 243MB

Step 2 - Characters Vectoring/Painting - Program: Easy Paint Tool Sai / File-type: *.sai / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 214MB

Step 3 - Fixes and Merging layers - Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 119MB

Step 4 - Painting background - Program: Sai and Photoshop / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 3839x2560 / Size: 262MB

Step 5 – Fixes, some effects - Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 2560x1707 / Size: 141MB

Step 6 – Adding Signature - Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 1920x1280 / Size: 88MB

Step 7 – Final - Saving all resolutions!

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fantastic crossover wall, rly good work, now start working on an epic super incredible everyone from everywhere crossover in an epic pose for great justice biggrin
Well done! I'm not talking about meat wink I love it
Great crossover. Love this

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